9 Options For Increasing Brand Longevity

Can accepting a acknowledged cast accept its’ downside? It can, if it is focused on the amiss bazaar solution, as was the case with Blockbuster.

As H. C. Lucas, Jr. credibility out in his alluring book The Search For Survival: Lessons From Disruptive Technologies (Ref. 1)

“Blockbuster was associated with a concrete store; a chump goes to the abundance to hire movies. Netflix’s name associated it with the Internet; the commitment of DVDs was something it had to do until it could accommodate the rights to abundant movies to deliver them over the Net. Some of the abortion of Blockbuster’s mail DVD affairs was artlessly because it had been so acknowledged in architecture up a cast that said appear to our calmly amid video store.”

What affairs again is what a cast represents in the eyes of its’ consumers. Can these cast associations which barter develop, canyon the analysis of time?

Should an organisation strive to actualize cast ethics and identities which are absolute of a accurate artefact or bazaar channel?

Brand Life-Cycle Challenges

Some brands administer to canyon this time test, and they abide over decades, even centuries. Whilst others blossom for a abbreviate time, afore dematerialization to the business history books.

Disruptive technologies are one agency which is accepting an actual appulse on abounding organisations.

A allotment of the claiming actuality is that there are several technology advancements accident at the aforementioned time. These technology changes cover the Internet of Things (IoT), adaptable technology advances, the assortment of agenda business methods, billow computing, bogus intelligence(AI) and the internet itself.

For some organisations these new technologies accept created huge problems. For instance, the retail book industry had to transform itself due to the acceleration of online book vendors, and the consecutive changes in client behaviour.

For others, new technologies accept finer chock-full their artefact line. Audio cassette band manufacturers for example.

Other Change Factors

A cast isn’t a artefact or a service. It is a set of brainy and affecting associations amid the cast and its’ consumers. Together with the allowances or account that they accompany to the consumer.

As a aftereffect of this, technology isn’t the alone change agency adverse cast managers.

Consumers themselves change their tastes, ethics and behavior through time. Even if a cast were able to abide to address to a accustomed generation, eventually or after they die off.

9 Options In The Face Of Change

There are a amount of options to try to access the constancy and success of a brand.

At A Cast Level (Ref. 2)

  1. Adding new curve to a cast to changes in the market
  2. A new administration channels, e.g. abacus a Adaptable App or online shop
  3. Ongoing face-lifts and innovations to add amount or strengthen it
  4. Re-positioning the cast to move with trends

These may be enough, depending on the severity of the bazaar change. However, there is a crisis that tinkering with a cast just delays the charge for a added basis and annex organisational change.

At An Organisational Level (Ref. 1)

If the severity of the amusement or the new opportunities created by a change are abundant enough, again added abundant organisational changes are bare if a cast is to survive. Some options include:

  1. Morphing into a new business
  2. Adding a new business division
  3. Closing down anachronistic business lines
  4. Buying or amalgamation with added companies
  5. Closing the business down

With all of the political, bread-and-butter and technology changes accident appropriate now, we reside in absorbing times.

Reference Sources

1 H. C. Lucas, Jr., The Search For Survival: Lessons From Disruptive Technologies, Praeger, 2012.

2 Kapferer J.N., The New Strategic Cast Management, 4th Edition, Kogan Page.

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